To change the lives of our clients for the better.

To empower our clients to make good financial decisions, to educate and guide them in achieving financial freedom and peace of mind. Financial Advice goes beyond the dollars and cents – it can simplify your life, provide a sense of security about your current and future financial position.

We listen to our clients and deliver bespoke outcomes, building upon these as their situations evolve in order to create a position of financial security through strategic planning. All of this so that our clients can enjoy the financial freedom that they deserve.


Financial advice services across a wide range of areas.

Personal Protection Insurance

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Free Initial Consultation

Taxation Planning

Investments & Superannuation

Retirement Planning

At Wealth Partners, we believe that we are a lighthouse for our clients to help navigate life’s financial decisions. Our guidance it is not just about market returns.
We offer the peace of mind that comes with the stable, predictability of returns and sometimes need to guide our clients away from self-destructive investor behaviour.
Stephanie Ferguson — Director, Wealth Partners Holdings.

We always stand by our key business principles.


With our clients, colleagues and other professional advisers to ensure that our clients receive the best advice when they need it from the most experienced adviser.

Trust and Integrity

The trust that is placed upon us by our clients is extremely valued and we uphold to deserve this trust by always demonstrating our strong moral principles in our dealings with our clients.

Inspiring Confidence

Through our experience and professionalism, we aim to encourage our clients to re imagine what may be possible with discipline and direction.

Innovation Through Technology

Financial advice can be costly without a focus on innovation through the use of technology, ensuring our clients can receive timely and cost effective advice.

Excellence in Advice

All advisers are bound to provide compliant advice but we strive to do more than just our best by providing expert advice and exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Education and Professionalism

Dedication to continuing professional development and education is at the heart of professionalism in providing advice to our clients. All of our advisers are continually studying and improving their knowledge and expertise.


Our people are at the heart of the exceptional advice and service we provide to our clients.

Wealth Partners prides itself on offering a diverse group of individuals who specialise across various areas of advice, so that we are able to develop tailored financial strategies for our clients.