Wealth Partners Select clients enjoy a highly personalised and private approach to wealth creation and wealth management with advice and opportunities meticulously tailored to your unique situation and ambitions.

As a Wealth Partners Select client, you access our teams deep expertise and specialised knowledge. It is the application of this knowledge when applied to your personal circumstances that is most powerful.

We are passionate about providing a full-service wealth management solution for our clients  and we offer one of the most comprehensive product and service offerings. As an unaligned Private Financial Services Licensee, we are free of all product biases, leaving us to focus only on offering market leading solutions and investments when tailoring personalised advice for our clients. We take a holistic approach for advice and risk management of our clients portfolio in our pathway to managing our clients wealth and helping them discover the right investment strategies and solutions.

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Wealth Partners Select is ideal for

Self-Funded Retirees and pre-retirees.  Self-funded retirees and pre-retirees like many retired clients are subject to a changing landscape of legislation and regulation. Cash flow, inflation and risk are managed through regular meetings and discussions. A dedicated adviser will model income longevity projections to understand how investments will perform in market conditions and can provide advice and structures for investing surplus cash flow whilst managing tax implications.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. For all of the control and estate planning benefits that Self-managed superannuation funds provide, equally they are wrought with danger to the unadvised because of risks associated with regulatory change. Whilst SMSFs are not as prevalent these days since many accountants cannot provide advice over them, they still represent about 25% of the $2.7 trillion invested in superannuation.

Clients with intergenerational Wealth Concerns. Our experience tells us that one thing on the minds of our clients is how the next generation is to inherit assets. Whether the concern is about how to ensure equality or the tax implication of estate matters. Our advice team can assist clients and work with other professionals such as Lawyers and accountants to ensure there is one plan that is cohesive. Wealth Partners can work with family members to assist with building financial literacy for beneficiaries.

Direct investment. Investing outside of the superannuation environment attracts tax implications and these implications and investments can be managed and structured to be tax-effective for individual circumstances. High net worth clients require tax effective strategies to accumulate wealth and often encounter challenges with transfer balance caps and may be in a position or desire to retire well before reaching preservation age.

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