When it comes to banking, choosing the right account can help you look after and grow your money. It is important to be aware of the account you are choosing, as low fees and high interest rates can have a large impact on money growth.

Simple features to look out for;

  • Low account fees
  • High interest rates
  • Regularly reviewing your bank statements (contact your bank if you find an error)
  • Check you bank is covered under the Financial Claims Scheme

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Budgeting is all about knowing what you are spending and helps you to feel in control of your money. By setting up a budget, you become more aware of both your income and expenses and this helps you to spend less and essentially save more in order to achieve your money goals.

Some simple ways of budgeting include:

  • Setting yourself realistic money goals
  • Understanding where your money is going such as regular expenses and habits
  • Saving small bits at a time

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